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Flower Shows

If you like gardens and gardening, but you've never been to a flower show, you've missed one of the greatest horticultural pleasures there is.

Garden centres are ok for a quick browse at the weekend, and the odd over-priced pot, but with limited space they rarely give you much idea of the larger picture of garden concept and design.

You might be enthused, but you won't necessarily be inspired.

“Compared to a big flower show, a garden centre is like a garage band next to a symphony orchestra.”

In these breaks we take you to the main performance, where you can spend the day oohing and aaahing in rapture at the most beautiful concepts and layouts ever devised by the best horticultural designers. Then we take you to a lovely hotel for the night (assuming you're staying over), after which we bring you home, still floating in bliss and possibly also toting a few cuttings, bags of seeds, new tools, expert garden books and a sheaf of rough drawings for a miniature Versailles on your lawn.

And at our great value prices, why just stick to one flower show - why not see several?

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